December 1013

Brush fire

 IMGP3989.jpg, originally uploaded by MattB (somedudeus).

IMGP3999.jpg, originally uploaded by MattB (somedudeus).

We came upon this fire burning in a field next to the road the other day South of Monte Vista, Co. It was a controlled burn done by a rancher.

The rancher was a Mennonite (I think) and had a horse and carriage parked nearby, which made for another nice photographic element.

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December 1003

Back to work

IMGP3609, originally uploaded by MattB (somedudeus).

I often like to shoot on my lunch break and on my way back to work the other day I realized I didn't take any shots. I needed to get back to my desk so I took this in transit. I thought the outcome was alright!

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